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vinyl & yelz


character by WERT145
fluro & Stick Up Girls

Pipe dreams

from our mate Steel.

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Tom Gould Shoots..

...good as photos.check the interview over here at HYB

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Prison tats

Seconds vol.1

Online skateboarding magazine from Adrian Vercoe and friends.dopeness,check it out over here


The Cape of Good Hope tells the story of the tragic and sometimes horrific newspaper headlines that people are faced with every day. It captures the darkness while suspending the headlines in time through a visual installation in the grimy district of Gympie Street in Lower Woodstock, Cape Town. The music for this video was produced by Inge Beckmann.

the cape of good hope from rowan pybus & faith47 on Vimeo.

The Restless Debt of Third World Beauty portrays Faith47’s graffiti artworks throughout South Africa and the nuances, textures and feelings within those spaces. The music for this video was produced by Fletcher Beadon.

the restless debt of third world beauty from rowan pybus & faith47 on Vimeo.

Epitaph, the most recent in the series, explores lost spaces, not jut through graffiti but through sounds and images, finding stories in the most desolate of places. The music for this video was also produced by Inge Beckmann.

epitaph from rowan pybus & faith47 on Vimeo.

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Travis Barker

christchurch '11

Ikarus (dtr), Editor (FDKNS, PIRATES), Fluro (SUG, FDKNS), Cast (PIRATES, CPK)

---bangers and mash

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Nabbed from over here. Thanks D

NYC underground

cheer Rosco

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Robbo interview

                                            Good yarn with UK legend ROBBO over here.

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Kost TMD

                Styles for miles. Shame to see that top piece capped within a coupla...

Bombin Mad...

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Give a fuck

..I used to give a fuck


Some of the funnest shit ive seen for a while.That FIASKO is just plain ill