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sharks and tigers >>>

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Marshall McLuhan



Some interesting things happening in wellington ...

I'm excited and curious to see where Wellington is heading.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Exclusive DISK TRD interview...


1.explain ABC and XYZ

Yitteee straight in with the deep shit no skaam. Hmm, well, I guess its pretty straight forward. ABC is like 123, you know, just that straight up in your gevriet, boring, played out, lazy, no sketch, limited skill required, legible, BOOM shit, basically my style to a T…I mean I’ve been rocking  the exact same D since like 2006..the same old standard style a writer does, not requiring any thinking or effort. XYZ is like the complete opposite, well sorta..basically like a acid binge or whatever, cookout style, lines everywhere making no sense you know. Pretty much like what you doing now haha. many more times do we have to see a piece that has some overlapping transparency thing going on in it?

Holy smokes tell me about it. That fucking “oops I sprayed background over some of my piece by mistake” yurrra, leave that shit alone, NOW. Its like couple years ago if you did your 2nd line floating off your piece it was like jeesssus check this dude out, now it’s like if you don’t what the kunt are you doing… guess its standard progression or whatever. General trends and what not spread fucking quickly nowdays with the internet and all..I wonder when the no second line trend gona start, ill be down with that, save me some paint….but back to specific question at hand,.. the cats rocking that shit on the real like ASKEW are doing some amazing shiit, like new levels, Im not one for style really but cant hate on that.

3...why do you think people think a burner must comprise of 500 colours?

Hmmm good question, Don’t really have a answer for you. People are just stupid I guess haha. I wont lie, generally speaking a burner usually consists of more colours and what not…not in my opinion but the world. A burner to me is ALL about the outline, shit can be 2 colours and have the freshest outline you know,,,,many years ago TOE and this dude TAKIL were beefin over this one wall, TOE with his simple shit and TAKIL with his ultra wild pretty shitty style and mass colours. I will never forget the line TOE left over his shit. “Don’t hide behind your bright colours, outline is everything” Shit just made/makes so much sense. I don’t know much about burners tho so yeah that’s where I’ll leave it. Block for life muddafuckasss.

4.whats worse, reblogging, or people that dont paint but take photos of everything graffiti related?

Jeeeeesus, now that’s a TOUGH question. I actually don’t know. Can I hate them both equally? Reblogging is fucking retarded and in my opinion killing graffiti. The internet has actually. Yes yes cats will hate and say allows for writers to spread their work across the world bla bla..tho I do agree with that, it just is fucking wak, easy way out, no effort…but in saying, I actually don’t hate on cats with blogs and shit as long as they painting and hitting up spots which are visable and what not, generally putting in work…NOT just painting shit that no one fucking sees and slam it online to go ‘viral’ or whatever. “Yo I’m bombing websites bro, getting up” fuck off. Yitee I was all over the place in that explanation haha. As for those HIPSTERS taking photos of everything graffiti related.. DIE, go ride your single gear bike.

5.have you ever painted a character?

Hahahahhaha, a what? Yeah I had this one, Im trying to remember the name. Think it was buttonkop. Sprayed homie on the train twice waiting for peeps to finish. Let me slam him up in ms. paint quick.

6.if you could only use two cans for the rest of your life, what would it be...and i know it will be chrome and black, i mean what kind.

Hahahahahahaa, man these questions are amazing. OBVIOUSLY molotow belton crome fuuuuck that shit is unreal and the other gona have to be the montana n2g 500ml black. Fuck now I just lis for that belton crome..but we havent got it here for years, gotta make do with montana crome which changes formula every 3months…but hey beats the local shit we had to use for years and years.

7.what does Funk mean to you?

First thing that pops into mind is actually name of a camo krooked track ‘funk you’ but anyway…means fuckall really, usually a shitty piece haha.

8.bubbles or lazy sludge background?

Hahaha Im definetaly gona have to go with the lazy sludge. I actually 99% of the time rock the lazy triangle background. Just like 1 line, 2 line and fill..couple those around the piece and boom. I used to rock the bubbles back in the day, like only bubbles..but you know trends man..gotta keep up..If you got another colour you can slam a outline on the triangle but I couldn’t be fucked to carry 2 tins for background.

11.what is MOM crew?

You tell me? Haha, a VERY old crew, like 2002 type shit, MASTERS OF MAYHEM…Christ, cringe worthy.

11.5 Favorite cape town writers ?

Huh? 5? Don’t think we got 5 haha. Well I think it will be a pretty obvious list to most people haha…not gona go into reasons or anything. O shit, wait, are you talking bout as writers, style and shit wise or as people? Hahahahaaa

12.FSU or AI?

Obviously FSU. Dek3 KING forever.

13.Worse trend of 2011?

In life or the graff spray world? Haha, using a fat cap for EVERYTHING…only cause I cant cause it vriet to much paint. I could probably do a piece with amount of paint some guys use blasting away on one 2nd  line. Oh and that broken 2nd line only in some places type shit. Oh and tyler, the creater.

14.Whens the last time a piece of yours had tops?

Haha tsek man. Like last week actually. One time I just sprayed a square on the wall and dalaed a T2B in it…then just added the top and bottom on after haha. Brat brrrat.

Hey you didn’t end the interview with “any shout outs?” damn bro, slacking,…or you on that hipster tip?


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Yelz is amazing!!!

Safe travels mate.
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