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this is ill

"Within a few hours off being finished, this 275+ hour permitted piece was stopped.
The building owner showed up in his Porsche with an angry wife and ended the fun.
At 5am on a sunday morning, buffers jumped the barbed wire fence and returned the wall back to grey".


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Some great flicks of the recent London riots, found over here.

rest easy Sure

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Sure R.I.P

Styles for miles. Rest easy blood

Invisible Ink

Magic Colorz from the Metagraffiti DVD…good one. 
(peep his gayland pirates jacket at the jump).

Grooveman Spot

...always comin correct. New things from him over on his latest offering, 'Runnin Pizza', out now on jazzy sport records. go check it


The seventh day project.Graff and ink,via Always Philthy

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an oldie but a goodie


Latest online issue out now.well worth a scoop, good to see some Rusht and GBAK hits in the mix.
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cross colours